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Simply Put Interior Decorating 

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    "Heather was a dream to work with. She is such a bright light of excitement and vitality.  I would begin to feel stressed about what was going to happen and she would offer complete reassurance that everything was going to work out just like we envisioned.  She offers an amazing balance of creativity and organized productivity.  We could accomplish so much in short meetings without sacrificing beauty and quality.  

    Her knowledge of design and insightful perspective allowed us to collaborate in such a way that it became something so much more than I ever could've done on my own.  Even if I had the time!  She truly offered a service that felt invaluable.  I recommend her to everyone who wants to have a home or space that makes them feel like the best and most authentic version of who they really are.  And have fun while doing it!"

     Kelley Neumann

    "Heather has not only an amazing gift for design, but is a pleasure to work with.  When she's worked with me she is always focused on drawing forth and manifesting my vision, rather than imposing her own.  She's like having your very own muse."
                                                                                    Tom Margolis

    "Heather has a remarkable eye for pulling existing items together that make a space feel cozy, tasteful, elegant, and yet still remain practical. She has a unique talent for remaking spaces either with existing furniture and accessories, or buying inexpensive but lovely items. 

     The work she has done in my house over the years has stunned me more than once... Is this really the same playroom? I feel like I’m in someone else’s house entirely. I had that lamp? I never noticed its colors. It fits in perfectly where you’ve put it. 

     She has redone entire rooms for me; she has even worked her magic on the same room more than once as the kids got older and our lifestyle changed. Heather can’t help herself from improving living spaces, and we’re all lucky for that."    
     Wendy Dubow  

     "Thank you for making my den an awesome place to be!"  
                                                                                  Larry Wexler

     "Heather is incredibly magical at creating a beautiful, comfortable space. She uses her talent and intuition to transform what you have, using your belongings and taking your lifestyle into consideration, to create a space you didn’t know was possible ...but is practical, beautiful, magical and comfortable.    

       Almost most importantly, Heather makes you feel at ease in co-creating your space. Whether she is using just what we have, or designing something new on a shoe-string budget, she gets the job done quickly, beautifully and with so much warmth."                                                                                                                                                                                        

      Deb Dusansky

     "My husband and I contacted Heather to assist with staging our house in order to advertise for a summer rental.  We are leaving town for several months and wanted to find a responsible renter who would be willing to take good care of our house and pets.  Heather offered fantastic staging advice as well as tips about going abroad for an extended period of time.  Speaking from her own personal experience, Heather helped guide us and put our minds at ease.  

     She came to our house and discussed ways we could arrange furniture and decor to appeal to the type of renter we were looking for.  Her suggestions also include economical advice about where to purchase additional accent pieces to help complete the 'look' of a room.  

     We were very successful in creating interest in our rental and ended up finding a renter whom we feel will be a perfect fit for our situation.  We believe Heather's help greatly contributed to this outcome and would definitely recommend her services to anyone planning to rent their home!"

                                                                                      Carmen and CW George

    "We wouldn't have moved out had we known how good this basement could look!"

      Alena and Eilene  

     "It was wonderful for Heather to come in and rearrange my living room.  She came in full of enthusiasm and clarity, and within an hour I had a new living room.  Fast and efficient with lots of collaboration along the way, I felt honored and that my home was being honored too.  As things got moved around Heather even cleaned and did not judge the messy/dirty state of things that emerge when furniture gets shifted.  

     After she finished I felt like I wanted her to come do the rest of my home!  When my daughter returned home from school and saw the new arrangement she, too, was delighted.  The room has since entertained many and the space feels so much more social and warm and inviting.  Thank you Heather- and I forgot to mention....nothing new was purchased!!  She made what I have beautiful."    
                                                                                          Nancy Byron