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Maximize What You've Got!
Get your space Ready, Set, Rented!™  "Transformig Spaces into Premium Places"  for Airbnb, VRBO, and Sabbatical Homes.  

Simply Put Interior Decorating 

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  • Do you know exactly how to show off your home’s best features and diminish its worst by using decorative fixes?

  • Will you be living in your home until it sells, but its décor isn’t making quite the right impression on buyers?

  • Are buyers distracted by your personal effects or confused by your unconventional use of living space?

You only get one chance to make a great first impression!

  • Get crystal clear room-by-room organizational notes.  You will know exactly what to do in each cabinet, closet and nook of your home to get it ready for showings so that buyers will see the space and not the clutter.

  • Get expert advice about what to display and what to store to make your home feel peaceful and spacious. 

  • Get well-designed space layouts and floor plans that enhance the function and flow of your square footage and showcase its best features so they stand out in your marketing as well as your showings.

  • Get thrifty decorating advice on art, lighting, furnishings and accessories that will pull each room together and create a flow throughout the house to “Wow!” prospective buyers without breaking your bank.

  • Obtain an invaluable guide to the best local sources for inexpensive furnishings & accessories so you can get the best deals on finishes that put your home on a buyer's "Must See" list, and shorten the time your home stays on the market.




                                                                                             Silver              Gold                      Platinum

One In-Home Consultation Including:

Room-by-Room Home Assessment detailing:                                                                                       

    Space layout design                                                           *                          *                            *

    Floor plan sketches                                                             *                          *                            *

    Storage advice                                                                    *                          *                            *

    Furnishings and accessories recommendations                 *                          *

    Thrifty purchasing advice and source list                            *                          *                            *

    Organizational Guide                                                           *                          *                            *

    Customized notes for each area of the house                     *                          *                            *

    Referral to de-clutter professional (if needed)                     *                          *                            *

Full Home Staging Including:                                                                                          

    Purchase of agreed upon furnishings & accessories                                      *                            *

    Stage and rearrange for you                                                                            *                            *

    Prepare items for storage                                                                                *                            * 

Artfully photographed home and property for listing                                                                        *

Compelling home write-up to market your home                                                                              *            

Home Guide Outline and Sample:                                                                                                     * 

      Everything new owners need to know about your home                                                      

      Including care, codes and service manuals 


                                                                                            Flat Fee:              Starts at :             Starts at:  INVESTMENT                                                                       $350                     $1000                  $1250 

                                                                                                                    (Based on an average 3 BR Home)

                                                  To discuss which level of service is right for you, 

                                                 please contact Heather VerWys at (303) 519-3630 

                                                              or use the Contact Us page.