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Maximize What You've Got!
Get your space Ready, Set, Rented!™  "Transformig Spaces into Premium Places"  for Airbnb, VRBO, and Sabbatical Homes.  

Simply Put Interior Decorating 

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Ready, Set, Rented!™
"Transforming Spaces into Premium Places"

Helping you attract premium guests at optimal prices for consistent bookings on Airbnb
  • Get a comprehensive check list of what needs to be done in your home before renting it out so you can rest easy knowing nothing has fallen through the cracks.
  • Get customized, crystal clear, easy-to-follow room by room organizational notes so you know exactly what to do in each space of your home.
  • Get advice about what to display, what to store, and how to store it to insure none of your valuables will be damaged while you are gone.
  • Get professional advice to style and stage your rental to immediately wow prospective guests and obtain premium rents.  
  • Get a sample Home Guide you can make your own containing FAQ's and phone numbers renters would need to refer to without calling on you for each and every question they have while staying.  
  • Get beautiful photographs and a compelling write-up of your home and locale to create the highest demand at an optimal price.   

           Ready                                                    Set                                                Rented!
One-visit in-home consultation            All services in  "Ready"                All services in "Ready" and "Set"
          Including :                                          PLUS:                                                PLUS:

A Rental Prep Check LIst                  I will Stage your home for you         I will photograph your home 
                                                          rearranging your own stuff and        
                                                          offering specific suggestions
An Organizational Check List            for special touches that will make    I will write a compelling listing to
noting detailed room by room            your home the most desirable         advertise the most desirable      
instructions                                         rental it can be.                                features of your home and locale

An Airbnb Styling  asses-                  An essential Home Guide                I will design your home posting
ment with staging designs                 template and sample to leave        
for each room                                    with your renters for the proper
                                                          care & FAQ's about your home         
Storage Recommendations                                                                        
Referrals to Insurance  and 
Co-hosts to flip your property
while you are gone                                                                              

Wow prospective guests, stay booked, and get premium rents this Summer!  
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